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BMW is a famous German aircraft manufacturer in 1913, Karl Friedrich Rapp, Rapp Motoren Werke in a suburb of Munich founded. The company, which specializes in aircraft engines, but Rapp problems with the machine. Gustav Otto, also an airplane specialist, in close proximity to install their own small shop.

Karl Friedrich Rapp

Rapp Motoren Werke in a contract with Austro-Daimler V12 Aero engines under license to create a safe, but it is not possible to meet their own needs. The company expanded too quickly, and Rapp, the company announced until 1918 because of financial problems.Rapp and Gustav Otto Bayer joined forces to create Flugzeungwerke insurance, insurance immediately Bayer Motoren Werke (Bavarian Motor Works), and BMW has changed.

BMW 6-cylinder Type IIIa, the first aircraft engine, manufactured in 1917. In 1919, his successor, supported by aircraft, Type IV, Franz Zeno Diemer altitude of 9760 meters (32,013 feet), breaking the record. Prohibition of building a BMW aircraft engine, the same year, after the Treaty of Versailles was signed, the production, for the air brakes on rail vehicles. In accordance with at least 29 sets of BMW, in 1922, began once again to build aircraft engines, the world record. Introduced in 1920, the propeller-driven aircraft design based on circular BMW logo.

The first BMW motorcycle, goes into production in 1923. Motorcycle, R 3300rpm 8.5 boxer engine producing less than 32 hp. 2-cylinder 494cc motorcycle, has a top speed of 59 mph. From 3090, produced over a period of three years.

History is made in the case of BMW cars in 1928. PS car production BMW Dixi 3 / 15 marked the beginning of the Eisenbach factory produced. Austin built under license, and basically, U. S. Bantam and the Japanese Datsun is the same model. Dixis former produces 15 horsepower, 743cc 4-cylinder with an open roof is used, and supported by a motor. Top speed 50 mph (80 kph). The new version improved, in 1929, an all steel - and four-wheel brake job and DA2, launched in 1930 and won the first victory in motorcycle racing, Dixi. Total production of 18 976 pieces.

1932 is the year, BMW's first "real" car (PM 4) production inputs, the model homes will be built by the successor to the BMW Dixi and the first production car completely. This model, valves and drives the camshaft 4-cylinder engine with dual suspension, has a maximum speed of 50 mph.

The following year marked the first BMW in-line six-cylinder engine configuration entry, BMW is still a typical choice even in a modern car. 303 sedan, the first BMW model in two-kidney shaped grill, 303 technological achievements of the benchmark.

3 years later, in 1936, BMW, this is a pre-war of the most popular and most famous BMW, sports car, the successor of the 315 / 1 (1934-1936). 328 introduced the first built in 1938, 328 remained in its class designed for motor sports has proven to Italy won the Mille Miglia, but quickly became popular road cars.

Second World War, the company has a negative effect on the BMW. The remains of the factory, or destroyed or dismantled and BMW headroom and production response to rocket engines during the war by the Allies in production activities have been imposed on a three-year ban for a period of lying down. Produced the first post-war model, the V8 is a poor production choice for a country ravaged by war, in 1951, equipped with 501 luxury sedan. Demand is low and 501 is not even close to meeting expectations com e BMW.

This is a completely different approach, began to rise again to bring the BMW. Isetta 250, launched in 1955 and in 1950 joined a highly successful period of mini-vehicles. Is under license from the Italian manufacturer Iso and build a motorcycle engine and the front door.Engine, up to 12 horsepower and a maximum speed of 5800 rpm 53 mph (85 kph) produces a single cylinder 245cc unit. During the 7-year production run 161 728 Isettas built.

Now the performance, style and technological advances, with special emphasis on the tradition of building the perfect car BMW Z3, ​​Z8 and all 3, 5, 7 and Motorsport series models included. 1992-to-be-remembered others, for the first time BMW Mercedes sold in Europe. Hopefully in the future competition between these and other brands and companies such as BMW will continue to build a great car to stop

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